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I'm not a politician. I'm an entrepreneur, a truck driver, a soldier, a husband, and a father.  I feel it's my duty to serve the people of Idaho for a little while and represent the good of Idaho. 

What matters to you?

States Rights

I believe in States Rights. I believe that our Constitution has been slowly eroded through apathy, complacency; and compromised intentionally. My first and foremost efforts while in Congress is to restore sovereignty of Idaho to Idaho's Citizens.  How?

  • Educate the masses. I believe that their exists a sense of foreboding, something isn't right and we are at a crossroads to save our country. Where did we go wrong?

  • Repeal/Nullify the 17th and 16th Amendments: The 17th Amendment removed the critical representation of the States and relinquished authority to the federal level. The 16th Amendment Gave the Federal level power of the purse strings. 


I believe in a free market and private ownership.


Government needs to stay out of healthcare.  

Insurance should not have any bargaining or coordination with medical institutions: simply put, I go to the doctor, I get a bill, I submit the bill to insurance.  


I don't believe in proposed cures for "Global Warming" or whatever the current phraseology of political opportunists.  I do believe in being good stewards of the land and acting responsibly.  I believe that to assume that man is in control is to assume that God is not. We (as humans) are not interlopers in the environment we are part of it, We are stewards of the land; benefactors as well as beneficiaries. 


I'm a pretty big fan of Martin Luther King, Jr.  I believe that content of character matters.  I don't support identity politics.  I believe that the most important minority group is that of the individual.


I don't like it. I don't condone it.  I believe it is something that is immoral, but should NOT be least not on a federal level.


I think it's immoral.  I think the legality of it hinges on deciding when life starts.  I think that it is a plague on society and people have turned what may be a medical procedure into an abhorrent act of convenience.  


I think the 17th Amendment takes power away from the states and should be abolished. 


I believe that evil men conspire and I want no part of it.  I deny the authority of any World Government.


I've had it. It sucks! Whatever your opinion on it, there are those willing to take advantage of this disease (and many others) to push their will on the American people. Those who would sacrifice freedom for security will lose both.  

2nd Amendment

The 2nd Amendment is the first line of defense against Tyranny. That is its purpose. Any law passed that is an infringement on the ownership and use of any weapon is an affront to freedom and any politician that voted for such a law has never read the constitution or has no value in pledging oaths.     

Term Limits

In a perfect world you wouldn't need term limits if you have engaged citizens (and that doesn't really exist at the moment). I will support term limits For any Campaign that fails to get at least 75% of the primary vote. I pledge to only serve a maximum of two terms for Congress. I struggle with one because I think that to be a part of the solution you need to be engage within the problem.     

Black Lives Matter (etc.)

I don't support identity politics. I'm not a fan of saying "all lives matter" either. Matters to whom? I say a good life matters; a life with positive impact matters.   

My political Heroes

On matters of budget and temperament: Calvin Coolidge. On maters of Pride, Tenacity and preservation of our resources: Teddy Roosevelt. On matters of Duty and restraint George Washington On matters of Love and Patience: Martin Luther King Jr. On Defense of our God given rights: Ted (Motor city Madman) Nugent.  On matters of free speech and open discourse Mark Zukerberg...j/k, $@#% that guy!

Section 230

Facebook, twitter, etc. should enjoy the freedoms as a platform to host and reflect the opinions of others with immunity.....however. . .  they don't. Because of their insistence on limiting others free speech they should be recognized as a publishing agent and enjoy no such privileges.       

Gender issues

I believe there are two sexes and I believe that the definition of gender has been changed to fit public discourse (I believe that there are two genders but... semantics🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️ . . .blah blah blah). There exists in our society an audacity of thought that someone can feel they are not the gender that their sex dictates but then assume that they can define with exactness another gender. I have no doubt that a person might feel they don't associate with a particular gender; this thought process is not odd to me. What is odd is the authority they exhibit in attaching their identity elsewhere.       


History is written by the victors. Where history is being re-written look no farther than who is in control.       

Political Corruption
  • All federal level elected persons should be required to submit to a financial audit for the  duration of time while in office and for twice the amount of time after office. (If you serve for 6 years, the time you may be subject to audit would be a total of 18 years).

  • No members in the Legislature should Purchase stocks or investments.      

Defense of our Borders

We need to stop being a welfare state (USA). I don't fault anyone trying to further their position in life. I feel sympathetic to anyone caught in the process. We need to remove welfare incentives and encourage a quicker path for those committed to elevating America and the constitution. I support a strong defense and a guarded border. If conservatives were smart about this we would welcome illegals through a path to citizenship (where we give them a comprehensive course on foundational principles of the constitution and what it means to be in a republic. Train them in a vocation of their choice and show them the light side of the force). Worse case scenario the Democrats would shit themselves trying to close the border.              

Balance the budget

Ever year we're faced with a financial crisis regarding the budget. The claim we have to do XYZ or the government will be shut down. I SAY SHUT IT DOWN!! We need to balance the budget; if that puts our bloviated executive branch in peril so be it.


I'm an all of the above guy. I like the idea of investing in research to better ourselves. I'm for utilizing the abundance of resources; build pipelines, Nuclear Energy, Hydroelectric . . .Do it all.


Power is held by the keeper of the purse. Sates rights have been eroded...or...actually, given away to the Federal level for long enough. Politicians and pundits on both sides of the isle grovel before the Federal level and beg and complain like a young Oliver Twist at the mercy of his master. The federal Government should be pleading its case to the states for needed funding, not the other way around. I think the 16th Amendment takes power away from the states and should be abolished. 


I believe that education is a responsibility, not a right.  I think it is the duty of the individual to educate themselves and I think it is a great idea for each community to organize themselves together to educate their children.  If this education is done on a federal level, it will ultimately lead to a corrupt mind and a corrupt purpose.  

I'm a fan of the works of Mike Rowe.  Higher education is a worthwhile endeavor for some, but sadly taken over by the intellectuals instead of the intelligent.  

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