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"The right thing to do never requires any subterfuge, it is always simple and direct."

~Calvin Coolidge

I was Born in Rexburg Idaho as the Eleventh of twelve children and raised in Rigby on a farm homesteaded by my Grandfather (Gottlieb Gneiting).  My father died when I was 3 years old and my mother re-married adding 6 more children to the mix.  My step father died when I was 8 and my mother re-married again adding 8 additional step brothers and sisters with a total of 26 brothers and sisters.  I was taught the importance of hard work and discipline from a very early age.

I moved out and started attending Rick's College at 17.  I started my first business when I was 19, and married my wife, Stephanie, and adopted our oldest son, Kayden (who is currently in Fort Benning Airborne Ranger School).  At 21, I enlisted in the United States Army and served 2 tours of combat overseas (Iraq and Afghanistan).  Following my term of enlistment (honorably discharged as a disabled combat veteran), I returned to school at Brigham Young University where I achieved a Bachelor of Science, and found myself raising 4 children and opening up another business in Rigby, driving school bus, interning with an assisted living facility, and working as a paraprofessional at Journey's Disability Agency.  I then spent some time driving in the oil fields of North Dakota before being hired as the recreation director for the Idaho Youth Ranch.

I have worn many different hats in my life.  In my early career, I was a pool and spa technician; turned soldier; turned student; turned business man; turned truck driver; turned professional; turned executive; turned back to truck driver and finally an entrepreneur.  It feels like I've lived 20 different lifetimes and have always felt myself coming back to Idaho.  As a soldier, I was instrumental in developing a training program utilized by the Iraqi Army.  I've always had a passion for creativity and logistics.  My wife, Stephanie, and my 4 kids (Kayden, Seyatle, Levi, and Sammi) have been my greatest support in all of my life's endeavors. 

I've seen the best and worst of humanity on the battlefield. I saw people that I should have admired fall to corruption and I've seen "the enemy" extend measures of virtue beyond the reasonable. I have picked up pieces of my battle buddies off the hot desert sand and I have felt the tight embrace of my family after returning from war. I've seen the blight of honor and I know it's "wretched" vile, I've seen the ones who love it so who've walked down it's last mile. I have made oaths to my Country, to my Family and I take those oaths seriously.  I know what it means to defend the constitution at home and abroad. 

I have a passion for the great outdoors and a special place in my heart for Idaho.  As an avid outdoorsman, I have embraced recreation as a hobby and a profession. My time spent with the youth at the Idaho Youth Ranch was tremendously rewarding and I was sad to see the Rupert Ranch Campus close. As a managing director for the Rough Rider Event Center in North Dakota, I was able to be instrumental in the successful launch of that amazing facility. I can't say that I will be the best politician but I'm quite certain that the good people of Idaho have had enough of politicians. I'm know I will have plenty to learn about the pomp and circumstance during my service in the House, but I will not have to learn how to vote with integrity, for freedom, for Idaho.   


I have searched in the darkness for a leader to guide our country during these troubled times and through confusing and anxious searching I have found myself. Please give me an opportunity to point us back in the right direction. 



Flint L. Christensen

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